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Potential is Human was created as a platform focused on shifting consciousness and igniting new possibilities in order to help people achieve lasting transformation in their lives!

What We Believe:


1. Your potential is infinite.


2. True healing and lasting transformation only takes place when you are boldly  received in a space of love, compassion and non-judgement.


3. We aim to create a safe space for people to turn inwards, breakthrough limitations and expand into new levels of their infinite potential.


Welcome to your space of possibility!


While your individual journey of transformation and spiritual growth is extremely important and necessary, I also firmly believe that it takes great courage to embrace your human-ness!


You are a spiritual being having a human experience and this journey of life is the highest path of learning that you can take. You have to be able to acknowledge the completeness of who you already are, while being honest about where you currently find yourself and be willing to take responsibility for the changes you wish to create. This is done through both your humanity and your divinity!


On my own journey, it has always been in the moments that I have been received by others with love and compassion that I have been able to heal and grow immensely.


This space stands for the nothing less!

I am passionate about self-discovery, compassionate leadership, telling powerful stories and supporting others to realise their true worth as a powerful creator.

This quote continues to be my guiding light:

“I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion, and where it isn’t, that is where my work likes”

– Ram Dass



Consciousness Coach & Human Being

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