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Master The Transition From Yachting To A Successful Career Back On Land!

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"I have resigned and I am coming home to start my fresh life soon! I am so excited - and am so grateful for the impact you have had on my life." - Roxanne

What is The Art Of Disembark Course?

This is a coaching course designed exclusively for yachties who are looking to transition from their positions aboard to creating a purpose-led career and land life.

What are the benefits?

Coaching is an extremely valuable tool for anyone who is looking to make a major transition in their career, and this is especially true for individuals who have spent a significant portion of their lives working on the yachts.

The transition from yachting to a land-based career can be daunting and this course provides the powerful opportunity to gain clarity about your career beyond yachting, identify your individual strengths, increase your level of self-awareness and create a plan towards achieving your goals while living with new levels of fulfilment back on land.

This course supports you to successfully transition into a career that allows you to make your unique impact!

What's included:

  • Private online course access and login details
  • Engagement Fit Drive Assessment to identify your individual strengths
  • 10 x online coaching modules
  • 10 x awareness creation coaching documents
  • 10 x supporting coaching audio files
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Bonus assignments for integration
  • Private community support


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