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All The Tools You Need To Create Powerful Change In Your Life

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"The course has provided me with a solid framework and process to bring about the desired change. The experience was thought provoking and allowed me the time and space to audit my habits and my life, to re-focus my efforts, step out of my comfort zone and express my full potential!" - Hannelize

What is the Inner-Mastery Course?

This is a self-guided online course that is structured into ten modules.

Each module is designed to cover a crucial topic of personal development, supports your individual journey of transformation and serves as a powerful catalyst towards achieving your goals.

What are the benefits?

The course provides you with online access to powerful modules and tools, that you can work through at your own pace, in order to help you source inner-clarity, increase your level of self-awareness, reduce stress and develop a clear plan towards creating positive change in your life.

What's included?

  • Private online course access and login details
  • 10 x online course modules
  • 10 x awareness creation documents
  • 10 x supporting audio files
  • Course activities for integration
  • Bonus guided meditations
  • Private community support

Module overview:

Source Energy State: Harnessing the power of anger and transforming it into passion.

Power of the word: Unlocking the power of language to shape your reality and bring about positive change.

Integrity: Cultivating honesty, authenticity, and aligning your actions with your word and values.

The Power to Act: Developing the ability to take purposeful and aligned action in pursuit of your goals.

The Ladder of Power: Transitioning from a victim mindset to becoming a conscious creator of your own destiny.

Story vs. Isness: Differentiating between subjective stories and objective reality for clarity and effective communication.

Context: Harnessing the power of perspective to shape your reality and manifest desired outcomes.

Consciousness Inventory: Creating mental clarity, identifying energy drains, and creating space in your awareness.

The Art of Completion: Finding completion and the importance of how this impacts your life.

The Comfort Zone: Stepping out of comfort zones to embrace growth, face new challenges and welcome change.

Bonus Guided Meditations: A collection of meditation recordings to support your wellbeing and process of self-discovery.

Access The Online Course Free
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