Just Imagine

"Your imagination is your birth right."

When I first heard these words from my mentor, Brett Shuttleworth, they touched something deeper within me. This initiated the process for me to start reflecting on what this actually means...

You see, when I ask you “What is the greatest vision that you could ever have for your life?", I am confident that your answer is highly unique to you as a person and is inspired by the very things that matter to you most.

When you look at the world around you, there is a never ending stream of objects available to you, that previously did not exist at all.

Every single one of these things is a product of the imagination of the individual who chose to lean into the hidden power of their imagination.

Your imagination literally allows you to explore the vision you have for your future, in brilliant detail, and to feel it in the present moment as if it has already happened! This is one of the key parts in creating the things you want in your life. You get to see where you want to go, and then you can start acting like the person you want to become…

You do not get what you want in life, you get who you are being.

When I coach you, a central part of the coaching process is for you to create your dream vision board. Starting with a completely blank canvas , you are guided through a process of inner discovery that allows you to create the highest vision of the life that you want to live, regardless of your current circumstances! It is the fundamental step towards knowing the callings of your own heart.

This is reality on its way. It is the truth that comes alive from a space deep within you.

I encourage you to gift yourself the space and the time to think about these questions:

- What inspires you the most?

- What would it look like to live the life of your dreams?

- What would you choose to wake up for everyday?

- Who do you choose to be?

Never stop imagining! It is the most incredible tool available to you as a human being. The images of your imagination carry an energetic vibration that begin to support you shape your future reality.

You are a creator.

You are already more powerful than you know.


If you'd like to learn more about what I offer in terms of coaching or would like to get in touch, I'm a click away. I also share powerful insights on Facebook and Instagram, so I invite you to join the journey!

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