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Set Yourself Free

Suicidal thoughts are not uncommon, but they are often suppressed and very rarely spoken about.

Warren Munitz, founder of Integrative Coaching, wrote this in his recent email communication:

Did you know that it is very common for people to have suicidal thoughts at some stage in their lives. It doesn't mean they're crazy, flawed or weak. It means they're human and struggling with more emotional pain than they can handle. While it might seem overwhelming right now, with support it is possible to overcome pain and the suicidal thoughts and feelings can even become a distant memory.”

This is something that rings as deeply true for me! I am not an expert in this topic, but I have lived very real moments of this level of thinking…

I remember experiencing this cycle of thinking in my own life only a few years ago, and I am now at the place where I am able to acknowledge the thoughts that occured and look back at them with a deeper understanding of what was actually happening. The biggest gift in this process was the fact that I was able to notice the thinking and “catch” myself experiencing certain thoughts that did not align with my highest-self.

The thoughts were subtle. They were almost silent in the way that they presented themselves in my mind, and they moved as if they were going to go unnoticed.

I recall the shock and surprise that I felt when I realised these thoughts happening!

In a split second this awareness set me in motion on a powerful journey of self-discovery, with the support of my own coaches and guides, that allowed me to begin doing the work and fall in love with all of life again!

If you are struggling with mental health challenges of your own, I encourage you to reach out for the correct support. Be brave enough to ask for help and speak about what you are experiencing. There are many excellent professionals and powerful resources available that will support you to set yourself free and live the life that you were created to live!

Behind the thinking, is the one who notices the thoughts.

My heart acknowledges your heart.

Know that you are loved.

Dream your greatest dreams.

You are infinite potential.

If you are moved to reach out - you are welcome to contact me directly. The first step is the most powerful one you can make!


If you'd like to learn more about what I offer in terms of coaching or would like to get in touch, I'm a click away. I also share powerful insights on Facebook and Instagram, so I invite you to join the journey!

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