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What is Love?

In my opinion, Love is the force of the universe.

If you know me you will be familiar with the fact that love plays a central role in my journey. This is because it is always when I receive pure and none-judgmental love from others, that I heal, grow and continue to expand on my path. Being loved in this way has allowed me to transform my relationship with myself and others - there is no question about it!

I believe that Love has many different layers and these are the layers that I am able to understand best at this point in my life:

1. Infinite Love

This is Love (with a capital L) as the source of the universe. Other names for this Love are Supreme Consciousness, God, Source, Spirit etc. This Infinite Love exists at the centre of your own being and most people experience this as a deep connectedness that has a profoundly impersonal and universal quality. When understood, it is this Love that allows an individual to create significant change in their life and begin to “see the world through a new set of eyes”.

2. Personal Love

This is the love that we as human beings believe comes and goes…

It is the love that is experienced from something in the external world like a person, an event, an animal, an activity and even from physical possessions. This “short-lived” experience of love is just a glimpse of Infinite Love which is being processed through the mind and starts to be perceived as though it is limited.

The mind tricks you to believe that this love is found outside of you. In my opinion, the more you think that Love comes from something outside of you, the more you search for it and the longer you will suffer.

All things in the material world have their expiry date but the Love that exists within you is eternal.

3. Love in action

This is love as a practice. It is an attitude and a way of behaving that brings peace, joy, kindness, understanding and more acceptance to the world.

It is what brings out the best in us and in others and in everyday life it is often more important to consider if we are being love in action or if we are just looking at where we can receive love instead. A question that can support this example is:

How would you act in this moment if you chose to act from love?

The decision to take responsibility to act with love and kindness each day makes the world a far better place to live and positively contributes to the peace, harmony and wellbeing of our global society.

Know this, you are Love...

It is a way of being where you meet the flow of life from your heart, not just your mind, and where selflessness and contribution are a priority in all that you choose to do.


If you'd like to learn more about what I offer in terms of coaching and how to expand into the next level of your infinite potential, I'm a click away. I also share powerful insights on Facebook and Instagram, so I invite you to join the journey!

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