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You Are Already Complete

Four words, expressed to me in one moment, that allowed me to start changing the way I experienced life.

"You are already complete."

How happy are you to be you?

Before answering this question, take a moment to pause, and simply connect with your heart…

Feel, even if just for a moment, the depth and beauty of your being. Don’t search, just notice the awareness that tells you that you are whole. It is right here that you can discover just how extraordinary life is actually meant to be!

Be here.


Appreciate it. Feel the subtle aliveness.

Life is complete exactly as it is, and so are you! Look closely and you will see that you cannot suffer life itself, you can only suffer your thinking and your memory.

We make this gift of life extremely complicated. The constant busyness and movement of the mind keeps us detached from this inner space of aliveness.

So, go back there…

It does not take much to make the deepest part of yourself extremely happy.

The invitation is not to try and source this feeling with your mind, but rather for you to gently notice that you are always part of it, because it is always part of you. It has never left you and never will.

It is in this space that you get to discover more of who you are.

It is where you get to look at who you are choosing to be.

It is from here that you get to tune-in and create the life that you love.

Your potential is boundless and you were created to constantly evolve into your infinite potential! There is a capacity within you as a human being that is infinitely greater than anything you currently know or can ever imagine.

Feel it, and let it guide your greatness!


If you'd like to learn more about what I offer in terms of coaching or would like to get in touch, I'm a click away. I also share powerful insights on Facebook and Instagram, so I invite you to join the journey!

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