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Len Horn 

It has been great working through the modules and have found it profound. It has helped me see and feel differently about many aspects and came to realise just how much more there is to us as human beings.

Dima Barbara  

I've never had this much clarity in terms of my life vision & purpose more than now after my incredible coaching journey with Ryan. Thank you so much Ryan for your impact & holding space for my self-discovery journey; your passion & energy is contagious! 

Jacques Malan

Working with Ryan has been life changing. I know that it will help anyone who chooses to take this journey!

Aseel Al-Far

Working with Ryan was the best decision and investment I made in a long time! The gift of discovering who you truly are is impressive. Ryan did not only help change the way I manage my day-to-day life and the way I talk to myself, it changed my entire life too. 

 Megan Kopke

After a full year's journey, I find myself living a completely different life, with intentional goals and clear direction. I have never felt more confident in the person that I am and I came to realize all of this through coaching. This experience has not only changed my life but brought purpose to my days. Thank you so much, Ryan, your impact has been monumental! 

 Rob Buchanan

Ryan completed coaching with my Leadership Team at Torga Optical Lens Manufacturing. Prior to this, we also engaged in private coaching sessions outside of work. The engagement and quality of Ryan’s coaching during both my personal sessions and my team’s sessions were of the highest quality. Most importantly to me, the content was not only relevant to the goal of broadening one’s capabilities, but also could be practically applied and easily understood. The benefits of Ryan’s coaching to my own life have been exponential! And having put my team at work through the same process, the change in our business’ culture and ethos has been similarly outstanding...

 Wade Momberg

I entered the program with very little expectation, in fact- I’d say I had more doubt than anything. Ironically, it only took the second session for me to be blown away at how effortlessly Ryan was able to turn me into my own healer. He had a very unique way of bringing out what needed to be heard, and in this process I found myself diagnosing and prescribing a solution for all my imbalances. This blew me away, his awareness of his potential is contagious and I couldn’t help leaving each session feeling energised and motivated to implement the new tools that he would teach with each session. I can’t recommend this experience enough, I have seen success, love, appreciation, and fulfilment all come flowing into my life just because I made the decision to take the first step - Ryan took me the rest of the way.

 Jenna Braham

Ryan is an exceptional coach! My life has completely changed since I started coaching with him. I thought I was "Uncoachable" to start but Ryan truly blew me away and helped me understand what I want in life and how to set goals in achieving this. Ryan is a man of integrity and I found the relationship to be at the highest qualify of trust and authenticity. Coaching changed my way of thinking, being and my future decisions.

 Matt Taljaard

Ryan, thank you! I have never come across such a gentle form of pure masculinity. I am and will forever be humbled by you. I could never have asked for better when it came to looking up to someone. You are an amazing individual and a true form of inspiration. Your unwavering support and guidance were a true light for me.

 Jalita de Waal

Ryan helped me with tremendous lasting transformation including but not limited to; healing from burnout cycles, lack of self-worth and most profoundly, finding my inner purpose in life... Ryan is one of those people who holds a certain vibration to him, from our first encounter I noticed and was immersed in his deep old wise soul who lives inside an incredible vessel an extraordinary human being. I’ll forever be grateful to Ryan and the work he offers to the world.

 Matthew Wickham

Ryan was my coach for 10 weeks as I transitioned into expanding my business. He was an integral part of giving my growth over this period - giving insight to tools and mindsets which would allow me to put my best foot forward!

 Sally Godsell

What a ride my journey with Ryan was. I knew intuitively when I signed up that this was going to be a tough, vulnerable, life changing journey and I was not wrong. Ryan held space so compassionately and created a container where I felt safe to open up and rediscover myself for what felt like the first time. He has an amazing ability to strip back the clutter and get to the core of a matter in a firm but kind way. I would not hesitate to recommend Ryan to anyone who is genuinely seeking transformation and is ready to do the inner work.

 Jordan Cass

Ryan was able to find the perfect balance of pushing me out of my comfort zone without me thinking it was impossible to progress. Our first session I was in a very bad space and he was able to make me feel comfortable enough to share exactly what was going on. Today was my last session and I feel like I have my spark back. I have started a new job, changed my routine and I am excited to see where my journey leads. I know people have mixed feelings on coaching but from my experience I am grateful that I took the leap and I am astounded by my growth through the process.

 Tracy Jones

My team and I were very fortunate to have Ryan take us on a coaching journey. At the time our team was feeling anxious about the future, some were struggling with motivation and others the adoption too remote working, and the lack of human connection. Ryan’s group coaching brought words of wisdom, personal insights, and the unlocking of aspects to their personalities they did not know were just under the surface waiting to be revealed. Through his positive coaching methodology the whole team finished the experience feeling uplifted and empowered – you could literally feel the positive shift in energy across the whole team. I cannot recommend Ryan’s warm, empathetic, and nurturing nature to uplift any individual or group coaching session highly enough.

 Britney Collins

My coaching period with Ryan was very profound. I had a lot of new realisations come to surface in every one of our sessions. Ryan sculpted my perceptions in a very positive and detailed light which I now carry with me through my day to day life... What have I taken with me? I have taken with me the confidence that developed through our coaching journey, the courage to be myself and to shine my light.

 Jamie-lee Caple

I came to Ryan at a time in my life where I was at my lowest. I had allowed the negativity around me to consume my life to a point where I was about to give up and accept that my life would forever be a struggle and dull. Ryan gently reminded me of the light within myself by taking me on a beautiful, and at times challenging, journey. I have grown so much during this journey and so extremely happy. I now know and understand the ego voice and I can’t explain how this has helped me daily. Ryan, I am ever so grateful for your time and patience with me and for reminding me that I am a bright light and this world is a beautiful place with endless opportunities.

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